Ace Of Jacks at the Black Cultural Archives Friends – Family Fun Day
No time to stop! Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & Media are back in action and will be live at...
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Pick N Mix Friday Flavas with Ace Of Jacks & Senior Nobleman (19/01/2018)  A discussion on Political Correctness featuring KJ...
If you missed out on a Christmas helping of Ace Of Jacks Radio, fear not catch up now at Ace Of Jacks was solo in the studio (but Senior Nobleman was there in Christmas spirit) as he disscussed Christmas trivia on 18th December. Ace also gave us another... Read more
Riece Of Jacks returns to Ace Of Jacks Radio this Saturday with the NEW FLAVAS SHOW 19th December 2015  from 12pm – 2pm. The junior “Jacks” will be spinning the best of contemporary hip hop, soul and grime. Additionally the 10 year will also be interviewing a master animator in the making, Anwar Harris of ASH Productions... Read more
If you missed any of our recent shows, then feel free to catch-up now and download a podcast by going to On Saturday the 5th December Riece Of Jacks discussed the legend that is SNOOP DOGG against the backdrop of best the Dogg Father’s tracks on the New Flavas Radio... Read more
Pick N Mix Friday Flavas is back on the 11th day of the Christmas on Ace Of Jacks Radio (11th December 2015) from 9pm -11pm. Ace Of Jacks and Senior Nobleman will be discussing the Christmas – The serious and trivia. Ace will also have his Pick N Mix... Read more
Ace Of Jacks proudly presents the brand NEW ACE-FASH!!!!
Ace Of Jacks Entertainments proudly presents our new range……….. ACE-FASH Clothing Collection. Checkout our first line of “blue glitter range” garments available to purchase from our online shop. Treat yourself or someone else during the festive break and be the first to order an exclusive ACE-FASH snapback cap, sweater, t-shirt... Read more
This Saturday join Riece Of Jacks  on the NEW FLAVAS SHOW 05 December 2015 on Ace Of Jacks Radio from 12pm – 2pm. The young DJ master will be discussing the legendary Snoop D-O-G-G  this week so get ready for some classic cuts!   Of course, he’ll be showing love to the best contemporary hip... Read more