Playing the Best Cards First

Broadcasting live from London, UK, providing a rich diet of RnB, Hip-Hop, Slow Jamz & Soul.


Our radio shows are fun & entertaining with live interviews that showcase inspiring people. We discuss topics relating to music, relationships, business and social issues.

Listen live via PC, Tablet, Smartphone or standalone media player at 128kbps (stereo)




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Get your music played for FREE

If you’re an unsigned artiste or independent record label with original music you’d like to played for FREE on ACE OF JACKS RADIO.


Simply submit a radio edited version of your music via the online form below.


Please read the Submission Form / Term & Conditions. Audio files must be in MP3 format, with Sample rate of 44.1khz (Stereo); Constant bit rate of 192 or 256. Less than 10MB in size.



Your music will be played within 48hours on rotation between 7am and 11pm (GMT).

DJs / Presenters

Ace Of Jacks The opinionated DJ Master spins the tracks is one half of the Pick ‘N’ Mix – Friday Flavas radio show duo and presenter of Slow Jamz Sunday.

Senior Nobleman Co-host of the Pick ‘N’ Mix Friday Flavas radio show states the facts and always has a disclaimer up his sleeve.

Riece Of Jacks The 12 year old, host of the New Flavas radio show is making always has the hottest track Rap, RNB & Grime.