The dominant women & the passive man!

Senior Nobleman

Its going down tomorrow! Pick N Mix Friday Flavas Show returns to whip up another storm in a tea cup! Ace Of Jacks and Senior Nobleman are back on air tomorrow evening from 9pm – 11pm(GMT) to discuss subject of  Dominant Women & Passive Men! What is considered dominant? Is this a new occurring phenomena or as old as mankind! They expect hear your opinions, facts and evidence! Joining them tomorrow is none other than queen of the sky, entrepreneur Kelly-Marie Alleyne  – Founder of Zeus Inventories.  Expect to catch-up on her progress in the world of property inventory as well her […]

Catch-up with the latest on Ace Of Jacks Radio!

Senior Nobleman

If you missed out on our most recent live shows on Ace Of Jacks Radio then catch-up now at You missed: Pick N Mix Friday Flavas got controversial as the Ace Of Jacks & Senior Nobleman took to the air to discuss “Stalkers” & “The friendzone” on Friday 19th August 2016. The boys were also joined by the lovely Kelly-Marie Alleyne – Director & Founder of Zeus Inventories. Shout out to the white nails and Spongebob! Riece Of Jacks was back in the act on the New Flavas Show as he lead the way with contemporary theme songs of today! The […]

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