Slow Jam Sunday no sleep before Monday

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You have been warned!!!!! The 3 HOUR SLOW JAM SUNDAY is back tomorrow night! Join the Ace Of Jzacks as things get sexy, soulful, seductive, sensual ans slow! Live in the mix on Ace Of Jacks Radio listen to... Read more

The Age Gap on Pick N Mix Friday Flavas

Blog Mar 16, 2018 0

The sweet shop is open! Pick ‘N’ Mix Friday Flavas is back tonight from 9pm -11pm... Read more

Riece Of Jacks – Birthday & Michael B Jordan facts

Blog Mar 9, 2018 0

Its his birthday! Riece Of Jacks is officially a teenager, but that wont stop  returns... Read more

Catch-up with live shows from Ace Of Jacks Radio

Blog Mar 8, 2018 0

Don’t miss a thing and catch-up with previous live shows at   Pick... Read more

Ace Of Jacks supports All Girls Rock

Blog Mar 6, 2018 0

Its International Women’s Month, Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & Media is in full support!... Read more

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Sun 04/03/18  Slow Jam Sunday 


Ace Of JZacks playing the very best Sexy, Soulful, Seductive Slow Jamz.


Fri 02/03/18  Women of Colour in Business


Pick N Mix – Friday Flavas Ace Of Jacks & Senior Nobleman. Special Guest: Melanie V Eusebe.