Catch-up with the fountain of youth!

Senior Nobleman

If you missed out on our most recent live shows on Ace Of Jacks Radio then catch-up now at You missed: Riece Of Jacks bought us those NEW FLAVAS with Special Guest Omari on Saturday 2nd July 2016.  Our young legend in spun those fires tracks on the now and discussed none over than Big Will – The Fresh Prince – Will Smith. 5tatic came back to charge the atmosphere with the 5TATIC IN THE MIX SHOW. The 17 year old music mogul bought on labelmate EKA Beats from South Space Records for the 2nd hour takeover. Catch up now at Make sure […]

A Fountain of Youth – Riece & 5Tatic Return

Senior Nobleman

      The New Flavas Show returns this Saturday 2nd July 2016 from 12 – 2pm (GMT) with Riece Of Jacks at the helm. This week the young DJ will be discussing “The Fresh Prince – Mr Will Smith”. Expect masterclass in DJ set featuring the best urban music from the 11 year old. Youth part 2 kicks off on Sunday 3rd July 2016 from 8pm – 10pm with the 5Tatic in the Mix Show. The 17 year old brings high voltage to the station accompanied by label mate EKA Beats. Get read for a shocker! Watch or listen live at:  Get involved: Whatsapp/text/call: […]

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