Ace Of Jacks at The Hidden Science of Black Hair: Saturday 4th September 2021

Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & Media is looking forward to joining the forthcoming The Hidden Science of Black Hair on Saturday 4th September 2021 in Birmingham. Taking place at the Legacy Centre of Excellence, find out what makes Black Hair so special? Can it magically defy gravity & conduct electricity? Does it truly act as antennas for spiritual intuition? What is the real science behind black hair and melanin? This will be the most informative Black Hair event of 2021! To register or find out more, click here.

We Rocked with Rho on the Rooftop!

Congratulations to Rock it Rho and her team for a brilliant session of  Rock it on the Roof Top last Sunday! Words can describe the vibe of well-being and cardio exercise against the back drop of soca! Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & Media were grateful to be a vendor and feature our L”ACES” Footwear which are also available at Check out the gallery below:     Oh and if you are in the mood for a bit more Soca, you can all log onto ACE OF JACKS RADIO 6 at

“L-ACES” MK-II available now!

The brand NEW FASH ACE TRAINERS “L-ACES” MK-II are now available! These brand new men’s fashion sneakers/trainers are a blend of breathable air mesh, rubber outsole, lace-up providing a footwear experience like no other. The hard-wearing with anti-odor footwear is currently available in white and grey in UK sizes 6.5 to 10.0 for only £29.99! Get your “L-ACES” MK-II by clicking here. Women’s coming soon!!!!

CALLING ALL BLACK ENTREPRENEURS – Black Business Network UK wants to hear from you!!

Black. British. In Business & Proud survey is a collaboration between the Black Business Network, Lloyds Bank and Savanta. Lead by us (Black Business network) to learn more about the business journey for Black people in Britain in order to create more stories of success while properly documenting the structural obstacles we face and honestly tackling these structural obstacles as a society. This survey will be part of a three-year research program to try and develop a deeper understanding, not only of the challenges that Black business owners and leaders face, but to gain a thorough and personal insight as […]

Safe In Sound App continues to make moves

Our business partners Safe in Sound App are on the move! The  loyalty & road-safety app engaging music + tech had the pleasure of travelling to visit The Boswells School in Chelmsford last week! Want to know more?  Check out their latest E-newsletter by clicking on text below: Safe in Sound E-newsletter January 2017

Glitter also comes in Gold – NEW from ACE-FASH

  All that’s gold doesn’t always glitter – but this does! ACE-FASH is happy to unveil the NEW “golden glitter” range adding to the clothing collection. Garments available in unisex, adult/infants and includes snapback caps, sweaters, t-shirts, draw-string bags and hoodies all made with 100% cotton. Make your way to the online shop now at and order your ACE-FASH now!                       

Ace Of Jacks proudly presents the brand NEW ACE-FASH!!!!

Ace Of Jacks Entertainments proudly presents our new range……….. ACE-FASH Clothing Collection. Checkout our first line of “blue glitter range” garments available to purchase from our online shop. Treat yourself or someone else during the festive break and be the first to order an exclusive ACE-FASH snapback cap, sweater, t-shirt or hoodie. Made with 100% cotton, our pieces are available in both black and white. To accompany our apparel, you will also gain access to exclusive mix CD’s and original music produced by Ace Of Jacks. Why not make your way to the online shop now at and order your […]

Help us call forth a new edition of All Knightz comics!

Our business partners the All Knightz are back with a new crowd fund campaign for three new comics offering everyone who takes part fantastic incentives. The proceeds of crowd fund will go towards the 4th editions of: New Hard Wired Revolution Red Tempo Night Soul For each project they are aiming to raise £1500 which will be going towards printing and distributing costs. They have already achieved £636 of £4500. By contributing not only will you help our partners but will entitled to receive comics, posters, concept art, previous edition of comics mentioned above and even All Knightz merchandise! Donations start […]

Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & All Knightz working in partnership

Today we are proud to announce Ace Of Jacks Entertainments will now be working in partnership with the famed All Knightz @ALLKNIGHTZ – A team of exceptional animators, graphic designers, illustrators and writers most notably responsible for the animated series known as ‘Hard Wired’. All Knightz are also responsible for other comics such as Red Tempo and  Night Soul, as well as graphic novels Lamiah and Zero G. All Knightz aim to change your perspective on comic books and cartoons by presenting characters of predominately African origins in the hope of encouraging readers to explore African history. Its always a good thing when […]

New and Improved! We’ve updated our website!

Ace Of Jacks Entertainments is proud to unveil our new and improved website.   Refreshed to help viewers gain easy access to all our services, subscribe to our blog for latest updates, look at our calendar of events, or simply listen to good music! Why not stop by and take a look! Please don’t hesitate to provide us with your feedback at 

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