Relaunching the FASH ACE MK-I Trainers

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Relaunching the FASH ACE MK-I Trainers! Grab a pair of the fashionable, lightweight, vulcanize trainers. The air mesh, rubber outsole, lace-up, breathable, hard-wearing anti-odour trendsetters are available in Grey, Brown and Blue & White. Sizes include UK 5.4, 6.0, 7.0 7.5, 8.5 and 9.0 Available at

Ace Of Jacks at The Hidden Science of Black Hair: Saturday 4th September 2021

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Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & Media is looking forward to joining the forthcoming The Hidden Science of Black Hair on Saturday 4th September 2021 in Birmingham. Taking place at the Legacy Centre of Excellence, find out what makes Black Hair so special? Can it magically defy gravity & conduct electricity? Does it truly act as antennas for spiritual intuition? What is the real science behind black hair and melanin? This will be the most informative Black Hair event of 2021! To register or find out more, click here.

WOMENS “L-ACES” have arrived!!!

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WOMENS “L-ACES” have arrived! FASH ACE TRAINERS “L-ACES” MK-III (with laces) & MK-IV (without laces) Fashion Sneakers/Trainers For Men Breathable Material: Mesh (Air mesh), Rubber outsole, Lace-Up, Breathable, Hard-Wearing with Anti-Odor. Colour: White, Grey, Black, Red, Blue, Khaki & Pink Size: UK 2.5 to 8.5 Price: Only £29.99 from ACE SHOP Visit now!

“L-ACES” MK-II available now!

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The brand NEW FASH ACE TRAINERS “L-ACES” MK-II are now available! These brand new men’s fashion sneakers/trainers are a blend of breathable air mesh, rubber outsole, lace-up providing a footwear experience like no other. The hard-wearing with anti-odor footwear is currently available in white and grey in UK sizes 6.5 to 10.0 for only £29.99! Get your “L-ACES” MK-II by clicking here. Women’s coming soon!!!!


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FASH-ACE MULTI-TUBE GAITER A multi-tube reusable gaiter which is the perfect face mask alternative. The gaiter is lightweight and is made with a knitted polyester stretch fabric. The high-wicking polyester brings sweat to the surface, keeping you feeling fresh. Wear for protection in cold, windy weather and simply pull up over the nose and mouth for a suitable face covering. Price: Only £6.99 from ACE SHOP Direct link:


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FASH-ACE GLITTER ACE’FRICA HOODIES, SWEATSHIRTS & T-SHIRTS (MEN & WOMEN) Colours: Red, Orange, Blue,Pink, Yellow, Green, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Purple & Royal Blue. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Visit: ACE SHOP – ACE’FRICA

Networth & Vibe back for Black History Month: 24th October 2020

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Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & Media’s Ace Of Jzacks and Senior Nobleman are extremely excited to announce that we are back hosting Networth & Vibe’s Black History Month Special Pop-Up Shop Event on the 24th October 2020. Taking place at U7 Lounge in Hackney, this exclusive shopping experience comes with the VIBE whilst creating new HISTORY. Expect an amazing selection of unique small businesses showcasing their amazing products and services inside and outside the beautiful canal-side venue. Book your FREE place now by clicking here.  


F”ACE” MASK (FASH ACE) Reusable Valved Filter Mouth Anti-virus Dust Flu Lot Breathable MU. Uses three-dimensional mesh filter, three-layer filter block dust inhalation, high-efficiency filter, smooth breathing. Adopt high-tech environmental protection polyurethane, widely used in medical, national defence, aviation and other fields. protect health, resist dust, and resist 99% of bacteria.  Available from ACE SHOP via

Deptford Shutdown! ACE-FASH Photoshoot

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Deptford was not ready! Ace Of Jacks Entertainments caused a minor road block (with assistance from the barriers) when the team descended on the streets of Deptford for the inaugural ACE-FASH photo shoot. At the helm – C Model Management directed the days events which took place at Studio 101, Deptford. Quality snaps were captured by Sarpong Photography and RLB Photography. DJ’s and hosts – Ace Of Jacks, Senior Nobleman, Riece Of Jacks, 5tatic, Max da Cabriver and DJ Switchman were all in attendance. With as special thanks to Cherisea Giddings, Kojo Sarpong, Jordan Riley, Rachael Broomes and all the models who gave up there time. Look at for full […]

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